2009 Ink - Turning Point: Chinese ink paintings exhibition by LAU Kam Hung at Art Salon KAN, Niigata City, JAPAN
2008 Fragrance Navigator: paintings exhibition by Alannala LAU at YY9 Gallery, Hong Kong
2007 HONG KONG Art Sight at CoZA Creative Agency, Yokohama, JAPAN
Japan - Hong Kong 4-Man Exhibition at Leaf Gallery, Yokohama, JAPAN
2006 Hiko Hana 80 - Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition
2005 Niigata - Hong Kong Cultural Exchange 10th Anniversary Art Show
Silent Fragrance - paintings by Alannala LAU
2004 Asian Art Palette 2004 in Tokyo - Niigata · Hong Kong Cultural Exchange Exhibition
Forbidden Fruit - paintings by LEUNG Yiu Wah
Flower's Tale - paintings by MAK Wing
Hearts of Heart - graphic works on Valentine's Day
Snow-Country - Homeland Heart- woodblock by OMI Denkichi
2003 Witness to My Time - drawings by Julianna YU
No Concept but Good Sense - digital photos by Alannala LAU
Niigata - Hong Kong Cultural Exchange
The Quest of the Spore - works by Patrick S. FORD
2002 Temporary Art Exhibition   
Flowers from Hong Kong - artworks by Alannala LAU & MAK Wing