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MIYAJIMA Mieko (finger-painting)

1964 born in Kashiwazaki City. 1989 got the Japanese Painting Awardin Kashiwazaki City Art Exhibition. 1990 got the Prize for Excellenct Work of Sea-Breeze (Shio-Kaze) Road • Flower Pot Design. 1992 participated in the Tokyo Calligraphy Exhibition; as a pupil of the calligraphy master, OTANI Senji (1932~2003) became a qualified teacher then, presided over the calligraphy class, "Atelier Draw-Smile-Ink (Dimples)”. 2002 in Kashiwasaki Art Exhibition got the Craft Sector Encouragement Award, 50th Anniversary Memorial Award, and Niigata Daily Art Promotion Award; became Commissioned Artist of Craft Sector, Kashiwasaki Art Exhibition. 2003 avant-garde calligraphy work, "Love" achieved the Hamasaka Education SuperintendentPrize in UNO Yukimura Award. 2007 won the Asahi Shinbun Prize at Mt. Hiei Calligraphy Competition. 2010 after watching the exhibition of work by the finger-painter, MIKATA Kaizan (1863-1942), began the art of finger-paintings in her own way. The subject matters of her lifework are "Fireworks" in craft and "Tsubome" in Nunoe (cloth painting).
Miyajima 01