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KIMURA Chiyoharu (acrylic painting))

1949Born in Niigata Seiro-machi. 1985 besidescompany work began learning illustration by self-study;engaged in drawing pictures for children. 1992 first time artworkwas accepted by Niigata Prefecture Labor's Exhibition. 1997-2011 art pieces were selected by the shows, Echigo Yuzawa Nationwide Exhibition and had got Excellent Work Award, Encouragement Award and, many works are collected by Yuzawa-machi Hall. 2000 accepted by Salon • de • Beaux Arts Exhibition. 2001 won the Niigata Daily Art Promotion Award in Grand-Prize Hokuto • Various Colours. 2002 got the Excellence Award in the Institute of Labour Education (ILEC)Art Exhibition (national). 02, 07, 11 had solo exhibitions at Art Salon KAN, Niigata City. 05-08 participated in the shows, "Showa Kirameki" at Artists Garden in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. 2011 had her solo exhibition at Gallery M•Studio, Niigata City.

acrylic painting