Exhibition, Snow-CountryHomeland Heart featuring wood-block prints by Mr OMI Denkichi opens to the public from 2nd January to 1st February 2004 at Cafe Palette, 4 Sun Wui Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. All are welcome. Enquiry telephone number is 2271-4908 and email is info@art-hk.com .

OMI Denkichi began his art of wood-block print in 1982. The theme revolves mainly around the scenery of nature and townships in the “Snow-Country”, Niigata. Mostly he captures his hometown, Tokamachi. Every year, Niigata has five months continuously to have snow. Niveous view in Omi’s printmaking becomes virtuous and graceful. The landscape which the spring comes in his work reveals everywhere is radiant and enchanting.


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