Exhibition, "Forbidden Fruit” showcases Mr. LEUNG Yiu Wah’s newest artworks. Leung newly utilizes the oil pastel to make paintings and drawings of human body. To express his feeling, perfection and expectation for the relation and affection between two persons, he applies different hues of different types of apple to replace the flesh colour. His works are also infused with the aura and sentiment of the four seasons so as to highlight the emotion visually.

Leung’s solo opens to public at Cafe Palette from 20th March to 17th April 2004 (closes on Sundays). All are welcome. Enquiry telephone numbers are 2271-4908 (Edward, Cafe Palette), 9661-6269 (Dominic) and 9076-4065 (Alan). Email address is info@art-hk.com.

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