Exhibition, "Flowerˇ¦s Taleˇ¨ showcases Mr. MAK Wingˇ¦s newest paintings. Mak Wing newly utilizes the acrylic color in the Chinese traditional fine brushwork style on silk scroll, to depict the Hong Kong flowers of four seasons and wild herbaceous plants. In addition to the bountiful Oriental elements such as line, ink & brush, spatial composition, spiritual prospect, Mak pursues further creativeness and makes much experimental processing. He handles the tableau with background effects of collage and ink rubbing so as to make sightly art pieces which brim with elegance, trendy mood and life appeal. 

Makˇ¦s solo opens to public at Cafe Palette from 23rd February to 18th March 2004 (closes on Sundays). All are welcome. Enquiry telephone number is 2271-4908 (Edward, Cafe Palette) or 9076-4065 (Alan). Email address is info@art-hk.com.

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